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Targeting HIF-activated collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase expression disrupts collagen deposition and blocks primary and metastatic uveal melanoma growth

We show the importance of hypoxia in activating enzymes that control proper collagen maturation in eye melanoma. Disrupting this process with an inhibitor of the HIF-1/p300 transcription complex leads to disordered collagen structure and reduces tumor growth in the eye and liver in mice xenografts.
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Jul 04, 2021

Cancer Screening and Density (CaScaDe): Understanding the ability of breast density to predict breast cancer in pursuit of personalized screening

Breast cancer in women is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide with over 2 million new cases and nearly 700 000 deaths from breast cancer in 2020 (1). Our paper explores if we can be smarter about reducing mortality by targeting screening resources to women who are most likely to benefit.
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Jun 25, 2021