Happy Peer Review Week!

Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality.
Happy Peer Review Week!

This week is Peer Review Week, a global event that celebrates the role of peer review in scientific integrity. Here's what some of our Academic Editors had to say about the importance of peer review:

“Peer review encourages accountability and integrity for the accurate and unbiased reporting of scientific findings.” - Ann Bode, Editor in Chief, npj Precision Oncology

“Critical peer review is the backbone of science. Having review by qualified peers prior to public disclosure of scientific results is an essential step in maintaining rigor in the process and into catching mistakes or misinterpretations prior to being disseminated to a larger or less specialized audience.” - Web Cavenee, Associate Editor, npj Precision Oncology

For those who have participated in peer review, thank you so much! You play an integral role in maintaining scientific quality. We are grateful for your time and expertise to review manuscripts for us.  

How well do you know peer review? Test your knowledge in our quiz. http://bit.ly/2CBsVXW

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