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You can choose what you want to be notified about and how often you want to receive content alerts.

Here’s how to update your preferences:

1. Click on your profile and go to Account Settings.

2. Got go Notification Preferences and select Change Notification Preferences.

Notification setting

3. Newsletters – round-ups of all the latest content from the community.

We suggest signing up for Daily alerts, but you can also choose Weekly or Monthly. Notifications will only be sent if there’s new content to alert you to, so you if you do decide on Daily alerts your inbox will get a break on days when there’s no new content to tell you about.


4. You can also tailor these alerts so that you receive content updates on the topics you're most interested in. For example, below I have selected to be notified weekly on new posts published in the Behind the Paper channel.  

Tailored digest

4. Other Notification Preferences:

  • Content Notifications – want to know if someone engages with your content? Enable these options.
  • Commenting – you can choose to be alerted when someone comments on your content or if someone replies to a comment you have made.
  • Conversation and Q&A Notifications – these features are not currently active on the Cancer Community so don’t worry about them for now. 
  • Networking – select these alerts if you want to know when someone connects with you, like another member choosing to follow you in the community. 
  • Admin Notifications – these are essential for running the community. You won’t receive any of these alerts unless you work for the Communities team!

5. Save your preferences – scroll to the bottom right and click the green button. You can change your notifications at any time. 

5. Don't forgot to save your preferences!

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Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature