Call for Papers: Cancer cell metabolism

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Manipulating cancer cell metabolism is a promising research avenue for new therapy development. Scientific Reports is pleased to announce the launch of a new Guest Edited Collection showcasing this research.

Studies in this Collection uncover key metabolic pathways in cancer, with a focus on targeting these pathways to deprive cells of energy and crucial metabolites, disrupt their stress responses, or otherwise impede tumor growth.

The Collection is open for submissions of original research articles in this area until the end of June 2022. For information on the submission process and our Guest Edited Collection policies, please see our Calls for Papers page.

Biz Turnell

Associate Editor, Springer Nature

My background is in evolutionary biology, with a focus on sexual selection. I completed my PhD at Cornell University and a postdoc at the Technische Universität Dresden, in Germany, before joining Scientific Reports in 2021.