Patricia Ribeiro Pereira, PhD

Assistant Professor, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Washington University School of Medicine
  • United States of America

About Patricia Ribeiro Pereira, PhD

Dr. Pereira has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology, Washington University School Of Medicine since June 2021. Before that, she completed a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from the University of Aveiro and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra, both in Portugal. She also worked as a visiting scientist at the Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin and Hunter College in New York. After her Ph.D., she was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate in the Department of Radiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She applied radiolabeled antibodies and small molecules to determine biological mechanisms by which some patients do not respond to and/or develop resistance to cancer therapies.

Patricia’s research program at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology centers on tumor-targeted multimodal imaging techniques, in concert with complementary genetic and proteomic approaches, to investigate how regulation of membrane receptors can function in tumors and their microenvironment at the most basic level and at the level of drug resistance.


Cancer Biology Cell Signaling Immunotherapy Microenvironment Publishing Science Communication Solid Tumour Targeted Therapy Therapeutic Resistance Tumour Evolution and Heterogeneity

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